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3D printing architecture

Why is it

We believe in preserving resources, erecting durable architecture, and reintroducing arts and sculpture in edifices.

How is it

Concrete is the most consumed material on earth, second only to water. 

What if we used 50% less?

What is it

Le Molding is a 2 steps process:
1) A 3D printer that produce special temporary sand moulds.
2) An ingenious concrete casting process that saves +50% ressources.

Première @ Berlin

Le Molding© machine makes sand moulds

structures full of voids

…like Bamboo or Bones!

Natural structures know how to use matter efficiently.
Today, topological optimisation is well understood, but casting such a wall is still very unpractical.

Only LE MOLDING can meet up to this challenge of saving 60% of concrete!


LE MOLDING has been selected and exhibited at Berlin’s Akademie der Künst (Academie of arts) 
Here is a short documentary Local Berlin TV RBB did about LeMolding.

A new kind of machine

Printing building elements require big machine.
A big 3D printer mobilize big volumes of material.
The Printing material is a cheap sand, and is infinitely reusable.


The cross section you see under this text is a sand mould being printed layer by layer.
The dark areas will be solid, the light ones will remain loose sand.
Between the two identical shapes, there will be space for pouring concrete.


A Result

Here is a plaster cast of the Sand-Formwork produced earlier.
The outer shell has been removed.
The cast is not perfect.

The shape is very simple, I call it the ZORG:

A square, becoming a circle, spiraling upward.

 Yet, it’s very unpractical to do such a mould by hand,
or to manufacture it  by standard means.

LE MOLDING makes it a breeze.

Now, we can dream of any shape,
from highly technical to highly artistic,
from rough to detailed surface,
from compact to lightweight porosity. 


New topologies

BIOMIMICRY is the way.
Any shape that requires a lot of workforce is eligible 

A whole new process

Eric Le Méné
+336 2509 3418